• Making sure your estate plan is complete


    • Wills
    • Revocable Trusts
    • Financial Powers of Attorney
    • Health Care Documents

    No one likes to contemplate death or incapacity. It is human nature to shy away from such thoughts. However, what is more troubling is the idea of being caught unprepared; the worst happens without the chance to put everything in order. Add to that idea the fact that your family bears the burden.

    We make sure your estate plan is in place and complete to accomplish your desires and reduce the burden on your family.  We will work closely with you to ensure that your estate plan reflects your wishes and that you fully understand how your estate plan works.

    Properly executed and maintained, your estate plan will avoid the costs and delays of probate, accurately and clearly communicate your desires, and provide tax efficiency.

  • We have extensive experience planning
    for non-traditional couples and their families

    img3For many people, it was no easy task to find that special person with which to share a lifetime. Even once found, while these relationships provide love, support, wisdom and companionship, each has its own special set of challenges. However, those in non-traditional relationships face even further challenges with respect to estate planning. For instance, there are conflicts between federal law and California law regarding the rights of Registered Domestic Partners and same-sex married couples. In addition, neither federal nor California law recognizes long-term couples who are not legally married or Registered Domestic Partners.

    We have extensive experience planning for non-traditional couples and their families. We will advise you on any particular challenges facing your family and help you to design an estate plan that addresses these challenges.

  • Consider advanced estate planning to reduce your ultimate estate tax liability


    • Irrevocable Trusts
    • Wealth Transfers
    • Charitable Planning
    • Asset Protection Planning
    • Business Succession Planning

    Once you have your basic estate plan in place, it is time to consider advanced estate planning options that may facilitate lifetime gifting, reduce taxes and/or provide for the continuation or succession of your business.

    Advanced planning options can be enormously successful in ultimately reducing estate tax liability upon your death, while maximizing income tax advantages to your heirs. We will guide you through the numerous advanced planning strategies and assist you in selecting the best options to suit your particular goals.

  • Even the best estate plan requires some administration

    img1Even the best estate plan requires some administration after death. We assist Trustees in navigating the trust administration process, providing guidance on such issues as determining the value of the estate, filing tax returns and distributing assets.

    Unfortunately, there are situations where a plan was not created or was not completely implemented and it is necessary for an estate to  pass through the California probate system. We guide Personal Representatives through the complex gauntlet of the California probate process.